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Hot Tub Filters: How often to clean and when to change?

The regular maintenance of your hot tub is key in ensuring your hot tub keeps running smoothly. To avoid any issues or damage to your hot tub, your filter should be a part of that regular maintenance plan and must be kept free of dirt and debris.

Why clean your hot tub filter?

Climate and hot tub usage are two main factors that will affect how often you will have to clean your filter. The more often you use your hot tub and the hotter the climate, the more often you will need to clean your hot tub and filter.

Don’t worry! It is not difficult to keep your filter clean: just stick to a regular cleaning schedule year round.

How often does your hot tub filter need to be cleaned?

Your filter should be rinsed regularly, about twice a week, based on your hot tub usage and climate.
Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is to thoroughly clean your filter once every two weeks with a filter cleaner that will allow you to clean between the pleats and remove any deposits.

Ideally, you should be changing your hot tub water every three months. Take that time to deep clean your filter by rinsing it and soaking it in a solution of water and a filter-specific non-foaming cleaner.

A good idea is to always have two filters on hand. That way, you always have an extra clean filter at the ready when you’re doing a deep clean and realize it’s time to switch the old one out!

How often should you replace your hot tub filter?

Regardless of the amount of time you spend using your hot tub every year or how much cleaning you do, you should be replacing your hot tub filter every year. This will ensure the filter’s performance and efficiency aren’t compromised. The filter is an essential part of your hot tub.

When to replace your hot tub filter?

It’s time to replace your filter when:

  • There are signs of wear and tear
  • Water does not run through it (or doesn’t run through it smoothly)
  • Becomes too dirty or over-used

What does a dirty hot tub filter look like?
Regardless of how well or how often you clean your filter, you should replace it once a year. If your tub sees a lot of use from a lot of people you might want to replace the hot tub filter more often than that, but the longest you should go is one year.

The main reason for this is that, even if you aren’t using the tub much and there isn’t much to filter out, water is still cycling through the filter and it breaks down over time. This makes it easier for particles and contaminants to get through and into the pump. Pumps are more expensive than filters, so it’s easier to replace the filter.

Dirty and clean filter side-by-side comparison

Good to know:
A dirty or over-used filter could compromise other parts of the hot tub system. This is another reason why it is important to change it regularly, to avoid any potential costly damage to the inner mechanical parts of the hot tub.

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