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Tub Troubles

Hot Tub Power Pak Repair

Hot Tubs are great for relaxation, but when you have an issue it can become stressful not knowing why your hot tub has stopped working. If you are having problems with your power pak tripping and turning off, you can identify and repair the issue yourself with a little detective work. A hot tub will trip for a number of reasons from as simple as a dirty filter to a ceased pump. Whatever the issue you can always repair a hot tub power pak.

The first thing I like to do is to make sure I know what is causing the issue. First things first, Clean or replace your filters and make sure nothing is in the way blocking water flow through your intakes. It is so often the case that just a dirty filter will trip your power pak because of a low water flow issue. I use the water wand hot tub filter cleaner every three months to make sure my filters are clean and water flow is perfect.

Next you want to check the electronics of your tub. Are there any error codes being given on the topside of your hot tub? Ok now on to the electronics and the quickest way to check this is to do a simple test I like to do with the power pak. I start by turning off the main power to the hot tub. I then unplug all the devices hooked into my power pac by plug. The pumps, blowers, lights, ozone, radio, etc. Then I turn the main power back on.

Hot tub power pak

If the hot tub trips right away then it is possible that my GFI has an issue and may need to be replaced, you will need a professional electrician to replace a GFI. Next start plugging the devices back in one by one pausing after each one to see if it trips the power pak. Once you find the device causing the power pak to trip your can isolate that device and find out what is wrong with it. It could be just a blown fuse which you can just replace. I have seen it many times that a blown light fuse will trip your hot tub power pak. It could also be one of your pumps is ceased and needs to be repaired or replaced.

If it is out of your scope you can look for manuals online or youtube and find repair instructions or better yet call a hot tub professional to come out and repair the issue. Knowing what is wrong will help you to advise the hot tub repair person to come prepared to repair the hot tub.