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Healthy Living Weekend Activities

Many people long for the weekends especially because they get to loosen up from their busy schedules at work or school. It is always a perfect time for fun, relaxation and family time. During the week, you might be forced to wake up early, sit in an office or class for long time, and even sometimes sleep late to finish some projects. By weekend, you will be so exhausted that all you want to do is to relax and probably get caught up on rest. It is also true that the office environment can pose a big challenge to healthy living.

Woman working at a desk on a laptop

However, dull weekends can also affect your health. There is not much we can control over the busy work or school week, but we do have control over the weekend and our time off. To that end, we can help restore a healthy lifestyle by doing some of the following healthy living weekend activities. Healthy living is a choice, and we need to make that choice for our Families!

Outdoor Activities

It is unfortunate that some people want to stay indoors during weekends. It is the opposite of what you need to do to promote health and wellness for you and your family. Some tend to think staying home and laying on the couch would be the best way to rest and relax their minds. And although, we all need a little of that kind of rest, what are sedentary lifestyles really need is the outdoors. We need a big scoop of outdoor activities, fresh air, and fresh food.

Family sitting in the snow with snow shoes on

Outdoor activities bring about fun, and are an excellent way to stay healthy. You can take your kids out hiking or swimming. Family bike touring is an equally effective healthy living activity, and a great way to explore your community and surrounding areas. Taking a walk in a nice park or garden and even visiting the zoo is also a nice way to spend your weekend. There are so many opportunities in each community to get out and be active. Look at your local paper and see what events are on and plan to attend, even getting out to attend promotes active living. A lot of times local events are free or cost very little to attend. And the best part is these activities will help you exercise as you enjoy some quality family time.

Adults and children at a petting zoo


For a lot of people the weekend is the most appropriate time to do their shopping. It’s the best time because you can take your time. When you take your time you will make better choices. Before going to do your shopping make out a quick list. The list should contain ingredients of meals you would like to prepare for the week ahead. You can set yourself up each weekend for a healthy week ahead without scrambling after work. If you really get organized you can prepare the meals ahead of time for the week ahead.

If the shopping mall is not very far from your house, you could even walk to the shops for the purpose of better health. When you’re out shopping wear some active wear and do it at a brisk pace, just be mindful of the other shoppers. Even brisk walking while you shop will improve your health and fitness since you haven’t had a good opportunity to some exercises during the week. You can go shopping alone or have the kids accompany you, which might even up your activity level, as some kids will keep you moving even quicker.

Healthy Weekend Eating

Many people eat differently during the weekend. However, not everyone is mindful of healthy eating habits on the weekend. It is during weekends that many meet up with their friends and attend parties. Even in such scenarios, ensure that you do not compromise, try to keep your healthy weekend going. Eat only the portions recommended for healthy living. To add some spice to your weekend and change out the monotonous weekly schedule, you can try cooking different meals, or teach your children how to cook and have them prepare weekend meals. Whatever the case keep the weekends free of that greasy fast food mentality of the busy week and take time to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

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Sports are also a good way to brighten up your weekend and an amazing way to stay healthy. The week’s responsibilities will rarely give you an opportunity to engage in sporting activities. There are so many offerings for different sports for all age levels in all communities. If you’re wondering where to look for these activities you can start with your local Parks and Recreation department that should have a guide of their offerings. Often this will include fitness classes like yoga, pilates, low impact exercise, swimming, running, and skating.

The next place you can look is your local YMCA which will have an even more expanded list of programs that you can try. Lastly, there are many options for private local gyms in most area’s. I would check these out last as they are usually more expensive and not as community involved. Make sure you keep the kids active in local sports you will find by keeping them active you will stay more active. Parents are asked to be involved in the kids sports in some way, either coaching or officiating. If you’re wondering where to look for your children’s sports try local soccer, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, or baseball clubs in your area.

Weekend Workout

Other than losing weight, research has shown that working out also helps in the functionality of the brain. It is, therefore, a very useful healthy living activity to engage in during the weekends. Maybe the weekend is the only time you have some free time to go the gym or workout.

Family stretching in a park

Don’t let that time pass you by, get off the couch and got to your home gym or the gym around the corner and workout. Make sure you lift weights that you have been cleared to lift safely. A good workout will aid in your strength and your endurance. Working with weights is an anaerobic type of exercise that will aid you in your strength and will attack your waist line by chewing up calories. Regardless if your workout is aerobic like running, biking etc. or anaerobic you will want to stay properly nutritioned, and most importantly hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water, before, after and during activities.

Hot Tub in The Evening

One way to really wind it down after a day of activity and challenging your body is in your own personal hot tub. The soothing warm water will take care of your mind and body. The hot tub will rejuvenate your body and set you up for an awesome evening of sleep. You will want to make sure you have a hot tub cover lifter for your hot tub cover, so you are more apt to use the hot tub. Add some aromatherapy to your spa water as well. You can use the liquid or the crystal aromatherapy to take it to that next level.

Family enjoying a hot tub in the evening

Time to get Healthy

It is your responsibility create a healthy living environment for you and your family. This is especially important during the weekends. You, therefore, need to be keen on how you spend your weekend time. Remember we are only scratching the surface here. Take a good look at your community, I think you will be surprised at what is there for you to enjoy. Parks, programs, fresh markets, pathways, rinks, ski hills and much more await you and your family!