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Hot Tub 101
The Cover Story

Order your hot tub cover in just 5 easy steps

The Cover Guy knows your time is precious. That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire ordering process. Choosing a hot tub cover has never been easier and more fun! Our custom-ordering portal allows you to build your cover exactly the way you want it!

In just 5 easy steps, you’re on your way to owning a beautiful hot tub cover that’s made just for you.

Step 1: Shape

From rectangle to octagon, hot tubs come in a variety of designs. Let us know what you’re hot tub looks like by simply clicking on the appropriate shape.

Step 2: Colour

From Sky Blue to Hunter Green, our hot tub covers come in several colours. Consider your hot tub’s surroundings and pick a shade that will complement them. For example, Light Grey goes well with patio accessories in rich, purple hues. Meanwhile, Navy can promote feelings of relaxation and soothing in a spa-like oasis.

Step 3: Details

Pouring over the details is not a fun job, but The Cover Guy has turned this step into an easy one! Simply click on the drop-down menu to choose your fold. Your cover’s fold can occur in two places: Down the middle horizontally or vertically. Then, simply type your hot tub measurements into the three fields provided. All measurements are in inches.

Step 4: Delivery

Now it’s time to tell us where to send this beautiful cover that you’ve just “built”. Enter your name and address into the fields provided to secure delivery.

Step 5: Payment

The final step? Process payment through our secure portal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal. The Cover Guy takes special care to ensure your personal details are never compromised. Payment is quick, easy and most importantly, safe.

And that’s it! All it took was just 5 easy steps to purchase a hot tub cover made just for you.