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How to Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

Finally, the snow has melted and Spring has sprung, and there is no better time to drain and clean your hot tub. It is the absolute best time of year to get outside and clean the tub from top to bottom. Spas and hot tubs should be drained and cleaned regularly about every three months to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime and to keep the hot tub running healthy and smoothly. Spring to me is the best time to renew your hot tub water after a long winter where not everyone can change their water easily. Draining and Cleaning your tub is an easy DIY task with the right supplies so let’s get started!



  1. Turn off the power: Before you drain the water from your hot tub or spa, make sure it cannot accidentally be turned on while you are cleaning. Running the tub while empty is bad for the pump and heater.

  2. Drain the water:

    a) Find the drain plugs on your hot tub. They should be located near the bottom on one side. If you are having trouble finding them, check the manufacturer’s website or the manual.

    b) Attach the garden hose to your drain plug and open it up to remove the old water from the hot tub.

    c) Attach the other garden hose to a hot tub draining pump and place it in the bottom of the hot tub this will make the draining process a lot quicker.

    Draining hot tub water

  3. Clean the filters: While the hot tub is draining remove the filters from the tub and spray them with a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle. For best results use The Cover Guy filter cleaning wand it’s so quick and easy to use. Keep rinsing them until the coffee color fades back to a bright white. It is best to rinse out your filters monthly so that they are able to keep your water pristine. The filters have to be replaced yearly so keep this in mind, for me I switch mine out every Spring makes it easy to remember. The Cover Guy has all your filter needs just click here.

    Cleaning your filter

  4. Empty the pipes & bottom of the hot tub:

    a) There is always a great deal of water remaining after draining your hot tub in the seats and the floor and in the pipes, I use a shop vac to first drain out what the hot tub draining pump can’t, and then I switch the shop vac to blow instead of suck and push the rest of the water out of the jets. It’s really important to renew all the water and give the hot tub a good wipe down to clean any old grim and have a fresh start.

    b) Turn the shop vac back to suck and remove the leftover water in the pipes.

  5. Wipe Down: Once your tub is empty, use your spa cleaning mitt to wipe down the entire inside of the spa. This will remove any dirt, oil, lime, or water buildup. After washing, use a clean towel to wipe away any leftover cleaning chemicals.

  6. Reassembly:

    a) Remove the garden hose from the drainage pipe and replace the cap.

    b) Put filters back into place and begin filling your tub back up.

  7. Water Chemistry: There are a few chemicals you will have to add with your new freshwater:

    a) The Cover Guy Stain and Scale

    b) The Cover Guy Bromine granules or Chlorine granules

    Don’t forget to test and chemically treat your hot tub before using it.

  8. Hot Tub Cover: Last and not least make sure to wipe down and clean your hot tub cover.

    a) Remove all dirt and debris using a soft towel with warm water and a light disinfectant to remove and bacteria.

    b) Finish cleaning your hot tub cover or spa cover with an application of a hot tub cover cleaner which will give your cover a protectant seal that will help to keep it clean and in good repair. It is really important that you use a hot tub cover-specific cleaner and conditioner, they are specially formulated for the materials used for hot tub covers.

    Wiping hot tub cover

Congratulations! You're all set for the next 3 months.