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How to Move a Hot Tub in 6 Easy Steps

While sitting in and enjoying a hot tub is easy, understanding how to move a hot tub requires a little more time, effort, and planning. However, with the right tools and resources, moving a hot tub can be an easy, stress-free process that can allow you to enjoy your hot tub in a new space. Whether you just want to move a hot tub to another location in your backyard, or are moving and want to move a hot tub along with you to your new home, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of how to plan the perfect hot tub move.

Move a Hot Tub to a New Home in Canada

There are many reasons to move a hot tub to your new home. While it may take some planning and time to bring your hot tub to your new home, the steps below will help you to move your hot tub to your new home and avoid any damage or injury. As you set up your new backyard, consider the ways that a new hot tub cover or hot tub accessories, such as steps, lifters, or chemicals, can add to your overall hot tub experience. The Cover Guy has everything you need to ensure that your hot tub continues to be a source of relaxation and rest in your new home.

Move a Hot Tub to a New Location in Your Backyard

There are many reasons for wanting to move a hot tub to a new location in your home. Maybe you have found that your hot tub is too far from your living space or perhaps your current hot tub location doesn’t suit updated landscaping or the design of your backyard living space. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that the steps below will help you to move a hot tub to its new space in your backyard. If you’re looking for a new hot tub cover to go along with the new location of your hot tub, The Cover Guy has a range of hot tub cover options that will fit any hot tub model.

Cost to Move a Hot Tub in Canada

The costs that are associated with moving a hot tub will vary depending on where and how you plan to move your hot tub. If you’re planning to move your hot tub to another place in your own backyard, you’ll only have to worry about the specific moving equipment that it will take to move a hot tub a short distance. This could include the rental or purchase of equipment like a furniture dolly, furniture sliders, or 4×4 wood beams.

On the other hand, if you plan to move a hot tub to a new home, the prices will increase. You’ll still have to purchase or rent the above equipment, as well as cover the additional costs associated with a moving van or trailer, and other moving equipment such as straps and moving blankets.

For either scenario, it’s important to budget for your hot tub move to keep it manageable. For more information on how to keep costs low during your regular hot tub season, check our blog on our top five ways to reduce your hot tub energy bill.

How to Move a Hot Tub By Yourself

If you’re thinking about moving a hot tub by yourself, it may be time to think again. While it may seem that you would be able to move a hot tub by yourself with the right equipment, that wouldn’t be a wise choice. Moving a hot tub is a job that requires multiple people.

Best Way to Move a Hot Tub

If you’re wondering what the best way to move a hot tub is, we have you covered! At least two people who are fit and strong are needed to move a hot tub. The ideal number of people to move a hot tub is a team of four. Moving a hot tub is hard work – plan for a few friends or family members to help you out with the task! Read on below to take a look at our step-by-step instructions of how to move a hot tub effectively.

Step 1: Moving a Hot Tub – Ensure You Have Necessary Supplies
The first step in moving a hot tub begins before the physical process of moving your hot tub. You should ensure that you have planned the specific location that you want to move a hot tub to, as well as ensure that you have all the necessary supplies on hand.

Step 2: Moving a Hot Tub – Disconnect and Drain the Hot Tub
Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start preparing to move a hot tub. This means disconnecting and draining your hot tub about 24 hours before you plan on moving the tub. It’s important to check your hot tub’s owner manual for specific instructions on draining your tub, but in general, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the hot tub from its power source and store the power cord in a safe place for the move.
  • Open your hot tub’s drain panel with a screwdriver and attach a garden hose to the drainage port.
  • Make sure that you place the other end of the hose in the area where you want the hot tub water to drain.
  • Turn on the valve to drain the water and once fully drained, detach the hose and close the drain panel.

Step 3: Moving a Hot Tub – Remove the Hot Tub Cover and Dry Tub
After draining the hot tub and disconnecting it, there are still a few more things to do before you can move a hot tub. First, remove the hot tub cover from your hot tub. If you notice that your hot tub cover is damaged or you’re in need of a new one, The Cover Guy offers a wide range of hot tub covers to suit your specific needs.

Moving your hot tub is the perfect time to invest in your hot tub cover as it provides key protection against the elements and keeps your hot tub energy efficient. Shop hot tub covers now if it’s time to replace your hot tub cover. Check your owner’s manual to ensure you are removing your hot tub cover correctly to avoid any damage to your hot tub cover. For more information on how to properly maintain your hot tub cover, check out our blog on hot tub cover maintenance.

After your hot tub cover has been removed, it’s time to dry the inside of your hot tub. Remove any remaining water from the inside of your hot tub using a dry towel or microfiber cloth. This will ensure that throughout the rest of the move, you won’t have to worry about extra water causing issues for your tub.

Step 4: Moving a Hot Tub – Load the Hot Tub
Congrats, you’re now ready to move a hot tub! Now it’s time to get started on loading your hot tub. Depending on where and how you are moving your hot tub, you may want to load your hot tub in different ways. First, we will review how to move a hot tub on a flat surface, then we will review how to move a hot tub when you have to deal with stairs in your move, and therefore have to shift your hot tub on its side. In all situations, it’s important to have a team of people who are physically capable of helping to move a heavy and large object, as well as furniture dollies and sliders to help assist you in the process.

When you want to move a hot tub on a flat surface, such as a deck or patio, the move is rather straightforward. Begin by clearing anything that could get in the way of the move, such as hot tub steps, a hot tub cover, or a hot tub cover lifter. Once the area is clear, you can begin moving your hot tub. One individual should be on each side of the hot tub and work together to collectively lift the hot tub. Once the hot tub has been lifted, you can place 4×4 pieces of lumber or furniture sliders underneath it. Once the hot tub has been propped up, you will have enough space to slide the furniture dolly under the hot tub, which will help immensely in moving your hot tub to another place in your backyard or to a moving truck. Ensure that the hot tub is secured down to the furniture dolly with tie down straps for added security.

While moving your hot tub on a flat surface is pretty straight-forward, things can get a little more complex when you have to move a hot tub on its side to navigate steps. In order to move a hot tub without damage, it’s important to be aware of where the control panels are on your hot tub. Begin your move of a hot tub similar to how you would when moving a hot tub on a flat surface (see above). But, instead of loading the hot tub on the furniture dolly horizontally, you’ll have to load it vertically.

Start with two people on each side of the hot tub, and lift and push the side of the hot tub without any access panels or electrical sources down. It’s essential that the side of the hot tub with control or electrical panels does not end up on the bottom, as the weight from the hot tub could damage the controls. Once the hot tub is up, you can work together by using two other movers to help guide the hot tub onto the dolly. Again, ensure that the hot tub is secured with straps and the weight of the hot tub is on the wheels of the dolly.

When you’re moving down stairs, ensure that you’re going slow and take them one step at a time to preserve the hot tub’s integrity as it travels. When you get to the moving truck, use moving blankets as padding and to cover the hot tub blanket for transport. Once you tie your hot tub to the inside of the truck using moving straps, you should be ready for the big move!

Step 5: Moving a Hot Tub – Unload the Hot Tub in the New Location
Once you have arrived at the new destination that you want to move a hot tub to, it’s time to unload. Whether that’s simply to a new place on your property or a new home all together, the steps are generally the same. It’s important to do as much as you can ahead of time to make this step as easy as possible. This means opening gates or fences, and clearing any debris or obstacles out of the way before you begin to unload.

If you’re moving to a new location in your backyard, once you get to that location just reverse the steps you have done up until there. Place your furniture sliders or 4×4 pieces of wood where you want the hot tub to end up and remove the hot tub from the dolly with your moving team, lifting from the corners of the hot tub. Then, remove the wood or furniture sliders from beneath your hot tub by sliding them out as the hot tub sits in its new location.

If you’ve moved homes and are unloading your hot tub from a moving truck, there is the extra added step of unloading your hot tub from the truck before placing it in its final location. Simply undo the straps holding the hot tub in place, and work together to roll your hot tub down the moving ramp and to the new location in your new home. If you have to go up stairs, ensure that you’re going one at a time and take them slowly to preserve the integrity of the hot tub. Once you’re there, complete the same steps as above to move a hot tub to its final destination.

Step 6: Moving a Hot Tub – Reconnect and Refill the Hot Tub
Your hot tub is almost ready to be enjoyed again! Reinstall your hot tub in this new location by cleaning your hot tub, refilling it with water, adding in the correct chemicals, and plugging it back in. Your specific hot tub model may have a specific post-moving process, which can be found in your owner’s manual. All that’s left now is to sit back, relax, and recuperate from all your hard work that you’ve put in to move a hot tub!